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Join us and learn about HP’s amazing technology in large format print. This is where you can find meaningful print solution interviews, useful tips and strategies to streamline and increase productivity for your print business and your customers. Channel innovative ideas and reach a new plane of performance with meaningful print solutions that fit beautifully into your business. Elevate your productivity and provide a sense of pride for all that you do.

We will also dive in about how HP Wide format printing is more than just putting ink on paper, by breaking down the technology in our machines and our approach to solutions for printing and what solutions we have developed around a customer’s work environment.

Join HP Inc on this print journey and see how Big Ideas and Big Prints come to life with an HP DesignJet Printer.


Color management does not have a single path.  And HP knows that.  HP has supplied the tools with our DesignJet printers to fit the needs of just how little or how much color control you want in your life.

In episode 5 of the Wide Format Print Lab Podcast, learn how the HP DesignJet Z-series hits the sweet spot between pricing, production speed, TCO, and most importantly color fidelity. Eddie, Mindi, and HP color management expert, Hien Nguyen, will discuss the Color Management features that are built into the Z-series to enable any customer to become a color specialist without the fancy degree.  HP will cover:

  • How to create and manage an ICC profile
  • How to match a specific color
  • How the Built in Spectrophotometer, off-line Spectrophotometer, Pantone and Pantone emulation, spot coloring enable any customer to manage color saving them time and money with HP’s unique color management efficiencies.  

Speaking of HP’s great software solutions, we previously talked about the amazing HP Applications Center and all of the free pre-designed files it offers. It now has added even more free to use imagery for schools!  Directional signage, plus health & safety files for your K-12 needs.  Please check out HPapplicationscenter.com to see the plethora of wonderful imagery that is easily available for you today.

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In episode 4 of the Wide Format Print Lab Podcast, learn how you can manage your growing wide format production needs. David Lyle, HP’s print solution architect,  will discuss how SmartStream can boost your production efficiencies and cut costs by reducing wasted time, ink and paper.  Episode 4 will also dive into HP SmartTracker , a cost-saving accounting tool that can be used for your business needs from getting that fine line of being profitable and competitive to billing jobs internally.  To top it off, David will share real world success stories from customers using these solutions along with why we use the Adobe PDF engine in our latest devices and these amazing software solutions.

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Are you looking for ways to keep your business open with the right signage in a constantly changing landscape affected by the outbreak? HP can help with free-to-use tools making wide format printing easier than ever and helping your business stay on top. In episode 3 of the Wide Format Print Lab Podcast, Gregg Bonfiglio, HP Large Format Sales Consultant, explains the benefits of using HP PrintOS with HP Applications Center to create your own or leverage from hundreds of pre-made templates for masks, t-shirts, social distancing & healthy lifestyle posters which can be easily printed on HP’s line of large-format printers.


Gregg will also share a real success story of how a business owner was able to reopen her shops and bring her business back to life with customized promotions, menu boards, and safety signage using the HP DesignJet Z6 Printer and HP’s free software solutions.

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In this episode, Mindi and Eddie dive into a discussion about the features built into Z-series printers (in production, workflow and accounting) that increase efficiency and save users both time and money. 

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HP Print experts, Mindi Fink and Eddie Anderson discuss the HP DesignJet Z-series wide format printer in this first episode of the HP Wide Format Print Lab Podcast series. 

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