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Join us and learn about HP’s amazing technology in large format print. This is where you can find meaningful print solution interviews, useful tips and strategies to streamline and increase productivity for your print business and your customers. Channel innovative ideas and reach a new plane of performance with meaningful print solutions that fit beautifully into your business. Elevate your productivity and provide a sense of pride for all that you do.

We will also dive in about how HP Wide format printing is more than just putting ink on paper, by breaking down the technology in our machines and our approach to solutions for printing and what solutions we have developed around a customer’s work environment.

Join HP Inc on this print journey and see how Big Ideas and Big Prints come to life with an HP DesignJet Printer.


September 27, 2021

Building an HP DesignJet

Ever wonder how an HP #DesignJet printer is built?

In episode 19 of the Wide Format Print Lab Podcast, we discuss building an HP #DesignJet. Take a peek behind the curtain on how our marketing, engineering, category, and development teams work together with our customers to make the best wide format products like the HP #DesignJet with detail and care.


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What does a beer distributor, bookstore, architectural university, and fire department all have in common? They all use large format printing! In episode 18, Mindi, Eddie and two special guest-hosts from the HP sales team, discuss the many professions and ways that various industries and trades use wide format printing.  It’s not your usual suspects and the printing output is not just line drawings and blueprints as you’d imagine. Dive into this out-of-this-world episode and learn about all the outside the box ways that HP Large Format Printing is used today.

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Tune in to Episode 17, where we talk about the crazy amount of technology packed in HP Ink with HP’s very own Inkologist, Thom Brown. This episode will show how HP inks are developed with the customer in mind, plus how the innovative HP ink technology works to provide professional photo quality efficiently with no trade-offs. Let us show you how to get the most out of your printing experience with amazing print quality, reliability and printhead life.

On top of that we go over how HP drives recycling initiatives that’s making a positive environmental impact making HP the #1 supplies recycling program in the print industry.

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Join us now on episode 16 in the Wide Format Print Lab Podcast to learn how HP offers wide format scanning solutions for customers and how HP's scanning technology has adapted quickly within the industry using next-level DesignJet printing and scanning solutions. Designed to help your workgroups collaborate seamlessly, securely and cost-effectively with HP’s easy to use Multifunction Printers and stand-alone scanners built to transform and digitize your life-sized ideas into concrete realities. See for yourself how these Multifunction Printers & Scanners ensure quality, efficiency, and productivity from scan to print.

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In episode 15 of the Wide Format Print Lab Podcast, you’ll hear from HP Financial services’ special guest, Brad Wolf who will provide great tips and options on investing in a DesignJet Large Format Printer. At HP, we understand every customer has different printing needs, deadlines, and budgets. And HP and partners can provide different options from leasing to owning that will allow you to have a DesignJet in house to fill your printing demands plus fit your business and financial needs.

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Join us now on episode 14 in the Wide Format Print Lab Podcast and learn how HP is taking great strides in Large Format Print at making an impact towards going green.

We will talk about:

How HP DesignJet Printers work to decrease its carbon footprint on the world and even come up with the industry's first carbon net neutral wide format printer. 

How HP is helping with your recycle needs.

Features available in our HP DesignJets to reduce paper waste

HP’s award-winning energy efficient DesignJets and its lowest waste ink usage

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Listen in to find out why Benjamin Kern, GIS Specialist and Planner of the City of Alpharetta picked the HP DesignJet XL 3600 MFP Printer for their GIS mapping needs and how HP meets their sustainable large format printing solutions.

In the past, the City of Alpharetta's printing workflow would bottleneck at their aging fleet of printers.  They had to deal with long print queues because of slow processing and printing times. With their new DesignJet XL 3600 MFP Printer, the city of Alpharetta has been enjoying increased workflow production with HP's MFP technology to scan and edit large mapping projects for building services. Since their adoption of the HP Multi-Function technology, their documentation workflow is more streamlined and helps meet the needs to get their permit applications out on time. Listen in to learn more.

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* As a bonus edition we will also go over the newly released models with, fast printing made seamless, easy, eco friendlier, and more secure.

Do you have the need to print large documents at production speeds to get them out the door and on time to a job site? Learn more about the new line of HP PageWide XL printers that includes the latest in printer security, improved lower Cost of Ownership, and a reduced carbon footprint with an even more ecco friendly Ink Cartridge. When you need to print a quick set of drawings to meet project deadlines, you can turn to HP PageWide XL printers, with amazing print speeds of up to 30 "D" size prints per minute. That on top of enhanced workflows, collaborative features, full color, or black and white prints at the same speed at nearly the same cost, will show you how these amazing HP PageWide Xl printers will up your production game and maximize efficiency. 

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In today’s new normal, people are working remotely and have many smart devices connected to their home office network. As a result, there is a new style of hacker trying to take advantage of the weakest link on your personal or company's network such as an Internet of Things (IoT) device like a smart printer on your network with only default security settings. 

Understanding the latest IOT potential threats and how your IT department can get ahead of them is so important. At HP, we understand the importance of protecting a customer’s data, device, and their documents. And as a result of this, our DesignJets have the most comprehensive security features making them one of the most secure IoT wide format devices on the planet.

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AEC Industry leaders are always looking for ways to lower risk, loss, and waste from their projects by looking for opportunities and efficiencies.

Listen in to this great podcast and find out how printing in color can do this for you, as it can decrease errors and increase productivity, keeping projects on time and on budget.

In Episode 10, Mindi, Eddie plus a special guest will discuss the advantages of printing in color, in return can reduce costs, risk, and improve project deadlines. Tune in to learn how color printing has become vital to projects, versus monochrome. And can also create a more professional impression for your company.

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